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Back firing on the gun grabbers

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With all this talk about what is going on in the SC , defining gun ownership and what a Militia is , It seems some states are actually looking into what it takes to form a militia.
With the Economy about to head into a land slide , Catastrophes like Katrina ,and the recent floods ,States with strapped budgets are wondering if a Militia may actually be useful.
As one Governor said ,it is an excellent way to make sure firearms are in the hands of those we want them to be ,and if you cant beat them ,see if they will join you.
With some areas where Gangs are nearly an Army ,and LE having its hands tied and short handed ,A Governor would love to know he could call on a massive well armed Army that would be more than willing to set things right.
In Katrina we saw how ineffective the National Guard can be ,and LE didn't know with its right hand what the left hand was doing.
Unlike in the 90s, the word ,Militia ,is starting to look like not such a bad thing .
In this report no names were mentioned ,only that more people are hopeing the SC ,rules for the 2nd Amendment ,than just gun owners.
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Wouldn't that be an interesting turn of events! :)
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