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BAR wanted

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Anyone have a BAR they'd be willing to part with? I'd be interested in trade plus cash.
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Sorry you haven't gotten a bite yet. I went thru that last year and finally found one from a member in Alabama. They're out there so hopefully you'll get a response. Good luck.
those of us who have one :D do not want to part with them:mad:
almost for any reason:eek:
I know of one for sale (3500$) [email protected] he does trades but not on 1919,s mostly preban stuff.
did someone say recently

that OOW was going to begin producing them again?

Hey there guys,
Just talked to OOW this past week and they are going to start building
the semi BAR in 2007....give them a call and see how to get on the waiting list
Would think that it may be a bit long:eek: Megan did say that the magazines are getting on the " can't find anymore", so they will be the next item that you will have to pay a arm and a leg for them. she said that I could get a couple because I had brought a BAR from them. I was able to get a BAR before they quit making them....:D ...what a great rifle.....one that is well worth the money.
She's a keeper, both my wife and the rifle...:rolleyes:
Best of luck in getting one
The mags are relatively cheap so it is surprising that these are getting scarce.

These OOW semi-auto BARS do shoot great and are very accurate.
i'll stop out there next week

get my ass on "the list" and give you guys an update
It would be nice if oow would build their 1918a3 with m14 mags on the 308 stile:) instead of using Fal mags:( I have the 3006 one.:D I would love to get another 1918a3 in 308 They are the best
If you can get one. DO IT. MY WIFE SAW THIS POST:eek:
Numrich has the magazines for $9.50 all day long...I bought a dozen or more awhile back and they were nice mags.
I have a OOW BAR in .308 I am willing to sell. If you interested let me know.
i dont have the link handy but you can find a nice bar on gunsamerica right now. i have to say im a bit jelous cause i dont have the money for this deal. maybe tax season will be nice enought to me. but anyways go to guns america and look under the military rifle u.s. (non springfield) should should find it there. good luck
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