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With folks getting approval on semi conversions of several different species of guns, I'd like to know what's involved and have a few questions.
1. If you want to get a semi conversion approved do you have to send them a working sample or can you submit design documents for conceptual approval?

Nope but if your design has a legal defect that they can clearly see they will notify you of it in the response. It is helpful if it occurs.

2. If you send a working sample and it's disapproved for something minor can you get the sample back and continue to work on it?

Yes but it depends. If it results or can be made to be put into an illegal NFA item readily then it would probably be siezed. The will not break their own regulations and ship you back something in violation and then on top of it tell you your sample was rejected because of X. Then again after a while with dealing with them it seems they'll cool down and might let you slip with something here or something there or maybe even "encourage" you to perhaps explore a different route but then still issue your reclassification.

3. Can you fabricate just the regulated part of the gun in a configuration showing that fa parts can't fit the gun and submit only the parts as a sample for approval? As an example; could just the semi rsp for a 1919, the milled internals and the semi trig/sear have been submitted in lieu of the whole gun?

You must submit a working smaple to the FTB. Now there are ways around to help ensure that your weapon (or remaining parts) will not be seized. You can submit an incomplete sample for a pre-review. That helps at times. I've submitted a sample with only a partially complete reciever before and recieved a letter stating it will fly but you will need to submit a complete working sample for an official reclassification.

Hope this helps bud :)

That's all.
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