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Best builder for usgi semi 1919

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I have a nice ww2 usgi kit that i would like to have built. Not really interested in doing it myself. I want it to be as ww2 vintage as possible for displays and reenactments. I have a 308 Izzy and a FN30 for playing around with. I am going to keep this one .3006 and run belts only.

If you were going to send it out, who would you pick for a build?

I already contacted KMP but they said they were too busy and would get back to me on timeframe. That was three weeks ago and never heard back...so they are a definate no go.
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I think i had emailed greaser about soke BAR gas parts before i even knew who greaser was. Great response time and answered my questions well.

I guess I know where to send it. Thanks guys.
3 to 4 weeks is still realistic for a4s. I've got 2 17s in progress that are both running longer due to jacket issues.
Any chance you have some parts available?

I still need to track down the correct front sight and a trunnion.
Send it to Chris (Greaser here on the board) he does nice work, will get it back quickly for you and knows his Browning's. HIs website is Ravennaarmory out of Ohio

This is that kit we looked at during SAR show.
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