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I use the im3220 stormcase from hardigg. IMO it is an all around better product. I like the latches better, it can be converted to a truly waterproof purge valve (although it comes with the same type of automatic valve as pelican uses) and it has latches on the ends of the case. I have 3 of their im 3220 cases that I use for a german maxim, a british vickers and a wc browning. I strip the foam out of them and build a bracing type support with some high density foam and 3m spray adhesive. I do not think twice about throwing (literally) these guns in the back of my truck when going to shoots, and I put them back in the cases at night when at shoots. I have had one get so much rain there was a waterline 3/4 up the side of the case the next moring when we got back to the shooting line. Just always carry dessicants to absorb any moisture in the case when it is closed. This is especially important if like me and shooting blued watercooled guns. I rest assured when the guns are in the case they are safe from damage. Now when I get them out and start playing with them, that is another story:eek:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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