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....1917A1 parts....

Now there will be several others who have better sources....but here are mine. Get the Numerich catalog....they have many of the rear sight parts (no screws)...and Lucky#13 (Rollin) has everything else or even complete sights. Ohioblacksheep (Lou) makes the best water jacket/trunion combo....either as a two-piece or as a one piece (heavy muther)...I have made (6) 1917's with his jackets and all turned out great. BMG has hoses,Ironcreations (Jeff) has made some very authentic looking water cans. I make a copy (enlarged to 51/2x 7) of the FIRST ORIGINAL 1917 Browning Military manual ($25). Internals are best from 30calmachinegunner (Brian) and rivets from MSG (Michael). I have (1) 1917A1 RSP left...100% and transferable to FFL ($175.00) What else do you need.....?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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