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Best way to check for tracers

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Hello all,

After the Florida Shoot, I started thinking about the possibility of the 50's Yugo 8mm, I was shooting, having some tracers. As far as I know, all tracers should have painted tips, but there is no way of knowing what another country did 50 years ago. So, I have some rounds that were damaged/duds and have pulled the bullets.

What's the best way to check for tracers? Depending on the manufacturer, some tracers have a "delay cap" to keep the tracer from igniting in the barrel. Correct? When I look at the base of the bullets, some have shinny steel/lead appearance, others have a rusted look to them. (these rounds had no powder in the case, and I think they started to rust) Can I drill the base of the projectile with a drill press? I don't want to file/grind on them (just in case they're tracers and ignite). Would there be any weight/length difference's between tracers and standard projectiles?

Any suggestions?

Thanks, kbailey3
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the one thing that gets me about the Hernando Sportsmans Club is they have a no tracer rule (which I understand) but they allow the use of incendiary ammo. The definition of incendiary is "cabaple of causing fires" . Every shoot I have attended there they allow incendiary ammo and then wonder how the woods gets set on fire. Does anybody else see a corolation here?
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