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Beta C Mags

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AR15/M16 $220.
HK33 or HK53 $237.
Mini 14 $247.
MP5 $254.
AR15 9mm $258.
Steyr $239.
G36 $225.
M249 SAW $235.
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These are complete kits by the way. Pouch, loader, graphite tube and manual. All new in the box. Shipping is additional - flat fee of $12 CONUS only.
Beta C-Mag

These are a ball to play with. Have one for my M16. Keep it clean and lubed and it's a sweet thing!! :D
I am going to try my newly acquired MP-5(semi) and hopefully it will work well which means it will need a Beta mag.
That's right devildog, keep it lubed for full auto. I used my AR15 beta c mag without lube and it ran perfect. But same mag did not feed the FNC. Lubing it solved the problem.

Luke, I use a c mag for my f/a mp5 and it's the sweetest thing. Weapon does not get too hot and ammo cost is not that bad.
Beta Mag

Are all you guys using the graphite lube that comes with the magazine or other lubes? I bought one for my M16 when the ban was lifted and I have never used it yet. I need to give this unit a try soon.
Went shootin a HK 53 shorty with one of the board members the other day, he had one of them clear back beta mags for it. It was cool, you could stand behind him and watch the ammo in the mag spin around as it emptied. AWESOME! I have had lots of beta mags, best advice is......DONT DROP IT ECSPECIALLY WHEN FULL OF AMMO! It will split and break.
Lubing a Beta C-mag

Yup, Abwehr, use the graphite. Doesn't take a lot. Experiment and you'll get the hang of it. Ditto on the don't-drop-it advice, too, but that goes for most any loaded mag. Except for 20 round AK mags. One of those loaded up makes a pretty decent impact weapon all by itself. ;)
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