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Big Business Lobbyists Want Another Chance To Kill E-Verify In 3 Years

www.numbersusa.com For what to do about this go here

By Roy Beck, Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 4:40 PM

The most effective government program against illegal immigration is again under attack behind the scenes in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Your NumbersUSA Capitol Hill Team just called me and urged that you pick up a phone this afternoon and help the Hill Team protect the E-Verify program that keeps illegal foreign workers out of U.S. jobs.

Nearly all of you will see on your Action Buffet corkboard a phone action note, and most of you will see a fax action note, to give you talking points and more information.

Please go there now. If you respond to this immediately and don't see the action yet, please check back in a half hour or so. The Action Buffet Team is moving as fast as possible.

A couple of weeks ago, I came to you to stop another attack on E-Verify. Within 24 hours, your phone calls and faxes had been so heavy that the attackers backed off.

But now they are back, battling behind the scenes to weaken the program. Their main point is that they want to re-authorize E-Verify for only three years.

We want it authorized permanently, but will accept a 10-year re-authorization.

The national big business lobbyists are frustrated that there is too much public support for E-Verify right now for them to kill the program. So, they are trying to make sure that they have another chance to kill it or water it down in just three years (when perhaps the public is not paying so much attention).

You may remember that the program was created by Congress in 1996 as a pilot program. It had to be reauthorized every few years until it was completely proven. That time is here again. If Congress doesn't pass a reauthorization by November, it will die, and the 70,000 businesses currently using it will lose their program for ensuring that they aren't hiring illegal workers.

Every month, the list of states, counties and cities that are requiring contractors and others to use E-Verify is growing. The fewer jobs available to illegal aliens, the more illegal aliens who will go back to their home countries.

We continue to hope that E-Verify will be re-authorized before Congress recesses for the summer next week. Your massive sign of support for E-Verify needs to be seen and heard inside the halls of Congress.
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