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Both Finalygotabeltfed and JJ Custom went over and above to help me finally get my kits built.

Finalygotabeltfed let me borrow his tooling and spent three days working to teach me the proper way to build the guns. With his help i was able to build and park BOTH kits in 3 days (3rd day was troubleshooting what turned out to be bad internals)

JJ Custom engraved two plates and had them back in the mail to me in 1 day!!! The engraving was better then i expected (pictures coming soon) and i wouldn't have been able to work with Finalygotabeltfed if JJ Custom hadn't done such a fast job (needed SOT info engraved prior to build).

So BIG thank you to both of these guys!! You are both more then welcome to come shoot these beauties any time.

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