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Ummm,,,,, that's nice....... find a 4 year old add and use it to troll for your website.......
Two post since joining in 2008...... no real contribution........ fake civil war cannon for big bucks on your site,
you know the two "Armstrong" with repro carriages that are actually Nepal cannon brought back by IMA,
be careful in dealing with these folks.

"United States Civil War Confederate Armstrong Cannons

An extremely rare opportunity to own a piece of history at a very realistic price!

Priced Reduced to sell immediately at $32,500 US$ each"

These guns are out of Nepal Armstrong never made them, never used that style of rifling - a three groove french system for studded shells.

and in your photo's you show not one manufacture's mark to show that they are made by ARMSTRONG.

what you are advertising is a 65,000.00 dollar fraud. the collector community knows it,
that's why you still have them for over a year. True Armstrongs are well marked and documented

as to style and rifilng, Oh one other little tidbit not one of the known guns are bronze.
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