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Thanks to everyone who placed orders for my excess inventory of 1919 plates. All plates are shipped with the exception of the "custom" engraved plates. They will all ship Monday, July 31st.

I still have plates in stock and plan to keep them in stock. I am not simply running batches. The inventory I had to move was on the shelves too long and taking up space when new raw materials were arriving. NOTE: Plates are in stock. I do engrave them to order, however, and this delays shipping while I set up to run the engrave work ... only blank plates ship right away.

I will be offering 60 degree rivets in sets with the sideplates late September to early October. Estimate $20 with plate purchase and $30 without plate purchase. Past plate purchase customers will be eligible for the discounted price ... one set per plate purchased. In addition, individual rivets may be purchased to replace lost or damaged rivets ... we all know it happens ...

That said, I am taking a break. The machines are being serviced and my wife and I are taking some time to work around our home. I will promptly process all new orders beginning August 10th until I'm caught up. E-mail your requests to [email protected]

In the mean time, FN30 material has arrived. We have already begun processing the plates. They will be ready August 14th. Cost is $425 per plate for the FN30 ground gun. The FN30 "B" model with lightened side plate will be offered later this fall along with the aircraft and flexible plates for customers looking to build their own kits or have Brass Cartridge/Halo Mfg build them.
Triggers and sears are next on the job list and will be completed end of August or first weeks of September.

After the home builders are taken care of I will be accepting kits for build. Please don't e-mail me yet on builds. I will announce when I am ready to take orders. I know many of you are very excited to move on these. I am too. Just a little longer for me to get organized so everythig runs smoothly. In the background and while I am not here posting, I am getting a new website built to accept orders and payments by credit card. It is very time consuming and tedious work. We will all benefit from the time I am spending in the setup to do business. Thank you for waiting on me, while I work to take better care of YOU.

People wanting FN30 ground gun plates may send funds in the amount of $425 to:

Brass Cartridge
c/o Michael Gardner
3980 Shenstone Drive
Eugene, Oregon 97404

If you also need trigger and sear, only send $212.50 as a downpayment to reserve the plate and trigger set for yourself. The balance will be due when I complete the machine work on the trigger and sear sets late August to early September. I am trying to avoid holding your money while you wait, while at the same time covering my operating costs to get the parts made. I hope this helps many of you to afford your project with less shock at the wallet.

Plates and Plate/trigger-n-sear sets are a first come first served basis. I am making a limited run initially, so I can feel out the market. With competition in the market, I don't want to make over run of this product. Everyone who sends funds will have their order filled. After this initial run I will only run the plates in batches of 5-10 at a time. This may cause a delay in delivery, if you have to wait to meet a quota for plates to run. Order now and avoid the delay.

This notice includes people wanting me to build their kits. Send funds now $212.50 to reserve your trigger, sear and plate for an FN30 ground gun. Your balance will be due when your kit is completed.

I am simply trying to get a solid head count on who is going to need plates as well as trigers and sears.

I have 50 plates in process as I write this. After the machine is maintenanced, I will be completeing the plates.

I can't say it enough ... order now to avoid further dealy in building or having built your FN30 ground gun

"B" Models or Tanker models to come late fall this year. If you have a kit with a lightened left hand plate you are not included in this posting. I will make another announcement this fall when I am ready to take on "B" models.



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