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broke my sear

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I have a very early RAPID FIRE 1919, one of the "ears" on the sear, where the tigger bar engages, broke......must have happen at BULLETFEST.....although I didn't relieze it was broke, until I finially took the thing apart to clean it.

so I'm naturally looking for a replacement semi auto trigger bar and sear, and I read the review on the KMP trigger set......but it say:

"The zeroxed instruction sheet details the specs you'll need to finish the modification of the barrel extension, lock frame, bolt and accelerator."

I just want to replace the trigger and the sear......I don't want to start all this modification on the internals just to put this trigger bar and sear in......doesn't anyone make a trigger and a sear that is a drop in, without having to mess around with the rest of the parts?
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I believe Karma metal products(KMP) makes a drop in replacement for the ORF guns, you can contact them directly at:http://karmametalproducts.com/KAR_FIREARM_PARTS.htm
so is KMP the only manufaturer of semi auto trigger bars and sears? there has got to be another one or two others out there...... I just kinda find it amazing that they don't even supply a return spring
The springs are easy to make or you can get a plunger type that replaces the trigger engagement screw but I do beleive that Tom AKA KMP give a life time breakage warranty.:D
I believe, but may be wrong that KMP makes the only drop in replacement for the ORF gun and that is what you asked
thanks 30calmachinegunner I will drop them a e-mail

slow, we make the sear that will fit your gun. the trigger is sligthly narrorer than the fa. (.260). you can spacer it up if ya'd like. and we will be supplying the springs shortly. (week or 2) . hth. tomt:eek:
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