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On www.weaponeer.net we have a lot of information on building STENs, M31s, M56's and more.

The most complete semi conversion is the M56 and the bolt mods are a work of art, and it works great.

The bolt modification used for the M56 can be applied to most tube guns with great success.

The Sten could be built just like the M56 using the original fire control group (with minor mods), or with the AR15 fire control group.

The hammer and springs used in the Semiautosten conversion are worthless. The bolt is a nice design, but incomplete due to lacking an internal striker.

The SAS3 hammer springs weaken rapidly, which makes it unreliable. The above designs do not have this issue and use common springs.

The SAS3 tube works fine for the Sten conversion. if you use another tube make sure it's a reduced diameter tube to prevent the installation of the FA bolt.
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