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Buying a NFA gun... How?

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I live in North Dakota and we don't have any laws restricting gun ownership other than Fed. regulations.
How would a regular joe like myself buy a registered full-auto gun (other than with lots of cash :p) what kind of paperwork is required?
Would I need a special licence of any kind if so would a plain C&R licence work (form #'s don't mean much to me)?
I live near (130 miles away in state) a class 3 dealer so they could transfer them to me right?
Knowledgeable help appreciated.
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you can buy directly from an individual in state, buy a C&R gun directly with your C&R license or have a class3 dealer handle the transfer for you. Whichever way you buy it there are forms(form 4) that need filled out(in duplicate) along with fingerprint cards, photographs and law enforcement signoff. There is also a $200 excise tax that needs to be paid, some people think of this as a license which it is not, it's just a tax stamp. There is also a citizenship certification(simple), 4473 and a NICS check.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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