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Buying a NFA gun... How?

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I live in North Dakota and we don't have any laws restricting gun ownership other than Fed. regulations.
How would a regular joe like myself buy a registered full-auto gun (other than with lots of cash :p) what kind of paperwork is required?
Would I need a special licence of any kind if so would a plain C&R licence work (form #'s don't mean much to me)?
I live near (130 miles away in state) a class 3 dealer so they could transfer them to me right?
Knowledgeable help appreciated.
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LEO signoff

I think there is a way to obtain NFA weapons as corporate assets, owned by a corporation, As long as you are a trustee of said corp, you can obtain and keep the arm in your possesion. you should visit the ATF site and go to the FAQ area. keep in mind that there are legal area's involved with setting up a corp and the gun would be an asset of the corp and not you. so check with your LEO before you even think about sending the money.

everything else that was mentioned in previous post's also applies with this method, this is just a way to sort of bypass the LEO signoff if you can't obtain it in your area, also make sure that your state if NFA legal. here is a great NFA faq written years ago with a list of staes and what C3 items they allow.


a LONG read but has tons of info.

Hope this helps
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