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Can I use this bolt for a semi 1919A4 build?

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Hello Group,

I recently acquired a Canadian made 1919A4 bolt and was wondering if it can be used for a semi build. Note the different extractor. Do you think that once it is machined for a semi sear, etc, would it feed and extract OK as confiqured? Potential issues? Thoughts?

(Pics show the CND mfrd top and Right)

Notice the Bell Canada Bolt markings :) )
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Yes, but I believe its for the Candian C5 coversion. The bolt will work but you would need to change extractors. I have a "complete" 7.62 bolt I would trade you for if your interested, it is like new and I can go ahead and machine it for the semi auto conversion if you want.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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