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I've been meaning to give this stuff a try after reading automotive mechanic's reviews.

I finally popped for a jug. Under $30 bucks shipped!!

Piston Kleen carbon Remover.

I put my .308 booster in a plastic cup and filled it to cover the metal with the clear, liquid product.
I just got it from Fed-Ex today around 2:00 pm. Put the booster in it around 3-ish.
Took it out at 8:00 pm.
Clean as a whistle. No kidding!!!!!!
Did no visible harm to the metal or Parkerizing.
I am freaking IMPRESSED!!!
Granted, I only had about 500 rounds through the gun since last cleaning, but this stuff truly does work!
It say using with agitation at about 90 degrees fahrenheit works best in 12 to 24 hours, but not necessary. Apparently true.

I strongly recommend this stuff. Says it's nasty on skin, so follow safety rules, gloves, goggles etc.

Enjoy. I sure will. :):):):)
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