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I started a post last week about the Century Catamount Fury. Its a NY legal, mag fed semi 12 gauge with a retail price under 500 bucks. I finally manged to get to the range today, and I beat the ever loving shi+ out of this gun.

I started out with about 15 rounds of 3" super, tank killer turbo magnum slugs (they were 3 inch mag slugs).

I then went to about 20 rounds of regular slugs (2 3/4), maybe 4 different brands. I gotta say the slugs kicked like a mule. No different than a pump gun. Maybe IM getting old. After 35 rounds of slugs, my cheek and shoulder were screaming.

10 rounds of buckshot

I had ONE failure to fire with the 2 3/4 slugs. The whole time, I was on the #1 setting (for high wall brass)

Then I moved to birdshot. (Didnt adjust the gas setting) 20 rounds of 1 1/4 ounce (maybe 1 or 2 failure to fire- round chambered but hammer not cocked)

30 rounds of 1 and 1 1/8 oz shot. Now, I had a ziplock baggie of extra ammo and a box of CHEAP 'target' ammo. Most of it fired, but the low wall 1 1/8 target stuff (#7 shot I think) had a few failures to eject and the cases were bulging around the extractor. strange.

I switched the gas setting to #2 and fired more various 1 oz and 1 1/8 loads. Same results. Cheap stuff was having problems, FTE in 1 in every 10 rounds.

Overall, Id say its reliability (for a 450 dollar Chinese fun gun, with assorted ammo) is about a 7 out of 10. The gun isnt even broken in yet.

Internally, there were some issues. The recoil guide was getting BATTERED against the rear trunnion and I had to beat the hell out of it to remove it. The part was somewhat mushroomed and I had to spend 10 minutes with a file to get it back together. I assume it was from the 3" monster killling rounds. Or just crappy AK tolerances. I had read about 1 other guy having this problem and he threw a fit. My only worry is that the recoil spring isnt strong enough. Still, I can just count this up to breaking in a Chinese gun.

The bolt carrier and bolt exhibited some strange wear/peening as well. I dont know what to blame this on other than sloppy tolerancing. I took a dremel to it and and rounded everything off again, but Im a little concerned. You can also see one of the camming lugs on the bolt is a bit squished. I looked it over, its a cam lug and not a locking lug, so I feel safe.

Accuracy: well, this one is tough. I could only shoot at the 50 yard targets today AND I just had elbow surgery 2 weeks ago and I cannot rest my elbow on anything. All firing was done standing, offhand. My results:

Iron sites:
Slugs were hitting almost 18 inches high. I cant understand WHY they were SO high at 50, I was using a cylinder choke and keeping a center mass POA.

Buckshot was erratic at 50, but generally on the sheet of paper I was aiming at. Dispersion was weird, covered a 2x2 square ft area, not very uniform.

I couldnt even check birdshot because I was at 50 yards. I went to the paper later and it was just peppered everywhere.

Scoped: I had an old used Bushnell tactical scope (Looks like the ACOG). 2 spotter rounds and I was still hitting stupid high. (I was down to my last 2 slugs) I gave the scope a 180 turn of 'down' impact and my next round was maybe 2 inches high of bullseye. I was impressed. So at 50 yards, slugs are stupid high with iron sites...that much I can confirm..using the scope I felt that even with a 1 round zero I was comfortable.

Overall, Id say this gun is a 7 out of 10 for value and fun. I need to spend another day on the range with it, and I need to take it somewhere secluded where I can blast pumpkins and beer cans and smurfs without worrying about range cadre. I just hope the interior parts hold up.

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I'd like to see a pic of the Chamber at the extractor area If I may. A couple of the poofed shells too, if you could.
That would be concerning to me as that area is mighty close to one of my favorite eyeballs. :eek:
An improperly supported case is nothing to be cavalier about.
Also read up on slicking the rails and such. Every bit helps.
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