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Changing booster, it won't budge.

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I've read several articles here on booster changes as I'm going from 308 to 30-06. The booster is the only item left. However, from looking at the peening, it appears to be either done to the extreme, wrong or both. The bearing came out, ring and all with not much effort. I made a tool from a 36mm socket and scrap metal. I put the bearing/booster in the vise, used a log extension on the ratchet, and nope, it's not moving. I wrapped the bearing in hard rubber so as not to scratch it or make it look worse than when I received it.

How do I "unpeen" it? I can order a new bearing from OOW, but they don't have the ring on the booster side. Suggestions?

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I'm willing to bet that you can cut the lock ring off and it won't make any difference. I bet it's locked on due to carbon build up.
Before you try cutting or ruining anything get some carbon cutter, it's sold under a few different names.
The jar I have has a milky white liquid in it and all you do is soak the piece you want cleaned in it and it loosens the carbon so it can be cleaned off. It doesn't work as well as they advertise but it does help. It might be worth the effort before you ruin something.
Heh, I'll never get used to the online abbreviations, what is FWIW?

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