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Changing booster, it won't budge.

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I've read several articles here on booster changes as I'm going from 308 to 30-06. The booster is the only item left. However, from looking at the peening, it appears to be either done to the extreme, wrong or both. The bearing came out, ring and all with not much effort. I made a tool from a 36mm socket and scrap metal. I put the bearing/booster in the vise, used a log extension on the ratchet, and nope, it's not moving. I wrapped the bearing in hard rubber so as not to scratch it or make it look worse than when I received it.

How do I "unpeen" it? I can order a new bearing from OOW, but they don't have the ring on the booster side. Suggestions?

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I take it you are trying to remove the booster from the bearing. It is carboned on from the inside. You'll need to heat it cherry red to break the carbon loose. That will ruin the park finish on the bearing, of course. Your best bet is to order an original '06 one peice bearing from sirplussupply.
I do have the small and large rings in stock, BTW.
The OO booster plugs in '06 are actually Israeli ones bored out to .718, so I've heard from my customers.
I looked at your pics again, neither end was staked correctly. I see this ALOT.
The slotted part of the ring is required to be aligned with the notches in the shroud and the bearing.
The slotted part of the ring needs to aligned with the notches in the shroud and the booster. Using an 1/8" punch, hit the slot first, inline with the notch. This strike should get the ring metal to displace partially into the notch. If it dosen't, repeat. Then stake the displaced ring material into the notch. This is straight from the many TM's I have on file.
For What Its Worth,
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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