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charges against Matthew Corwin were dismissed

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I didn't see this posted here so I thought everyone should read it, hope it works out for this guy.

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Charges against ex-student dropped

Article Launched: 12/17/2007 10:40:35 PM PST

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ALHAMBRA - Six felony charges, including possession of an assault weapon, were dismissed today against a former East Los Angeles College student body president.
The charges against Matthew Corwin were dismissed by Alhambra Superior Court Judge Carlos Uranga at the prosecution's request, said Deputy District Attorney Donna Hollingsworth.
A civil compromise was reached on three of the charges, according to the prosecutor.
Defense attorney Chuck Michel described his 24-year-old client as an "A student" with a "very distinguished military career" who has been reactivated with the U.S. Army.
"It's been a tremendous emotional burden on him," Michel said of the charges against Corwin. " I think the D.A.'s office deserves credit for taking a hard look at this case and realizing what it was and it wasn't."
The charges - which stemmed from Corwin's alleged possession of assault weapons and other weapons at his Monterey Park home - were filed April 30.
Six other charges that were initially filed against Corwin involving a replica Browning machine gun were dismissed May 14 after authorities determined it was not an assault weapon and is not illegal. - From staff reports

For the lazy folk who dont like clicking links lol

Wow, credit for the DA's office eh? for taking HOW MANY months just looking for a way to F this cat over? wow how nice of em to drop a case involving LEGAL POSSESSION OF LEGAL FIREARMS. I wonder if the DA googled 1919a4 and looked on here to find out their legal and print out the approval letters :rolleyes:

Hell, how many of us CA boys have the letter from bill lockyer saying the 1919a4 semi auto is legal here? whap bam boom case closed.

I guess on the bright side all this mess is over, now who can be sued :p

ps. this really should be on the front page
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