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Chauchat Machine Rifle,

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I know it's christmas and probably not alot of people on the board today, but on one of my local classifieds sites a guy has a Chauchat Machine Rifle for sale, says it was his grandpas and is all greased up, the barrel is plugged to not allow operation. Serious inquiries only. What's the value of this thing, legality also. His price is good I think, but I don't know alot about this
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Check your PMs, hope you're having a Merry Christmas. ;)

IIRC, there were some added to the registry after 1968, citizens with DOD papers and something about FBI agents and Thompsons, perhaps LR has read this interesting news as well.

LR and I both agree ALL war trophy MGs/DEWATs should be allowed amnesty, damn the ONE month ' 68 BS, be it registered by veterans or veteran's relatives. To be FORCED (by govt) to surrender/destroy a piece of military history is not logical, a disgrace to those that have served.

The same people wanted to ban ALL former US Govt-current "military-type" firearms and require them turned in, including military vehicles and equipment, even had legislation written up for it, thank GOD that legislation died. There's no way I'd turn in all the W-II era semi-autos my grandfather willed to me, if the govt had a problem with them being sold on the commercial market, they should've made up their minds many decades ago, far too late now.

You're not senile, but you did forget to forward your current address, one present is going to be late. Oh well, something to enlighten you in the New Year.

Appears we've poured over the same NFA articles at one time. ;)

So "technically" DOD papers are legal per 922(o), without being listed in NFRTR, only past experience tells us some overzealous Feds want the MG surrendered for destruction, and will threaten bad things if you don't, you still have to get legal assistance battling the machine. We still have a serious issue, I can see most folks might hire a lawyer and wringing some Fed necks over a $20,000+ MG, but most people will not for a non-NFA registered MG/DEWAT worth 1/4 that, and I bet some desk jockeys are banking on that fact. :(
Pale Face speak the truth. :D

Mike, no problem, anytime. ;)
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