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Hire a licensed electrician.

There's just no getting around the cost of copper, at this point in time.
Contractors around here cleared out all the Home Depots around, just before they too got wind of the price jump.
I picked up a half dozen rolls of 12/2 MC on eBay a month ago. Bidding was high, but not like my suppliers. We're talking price jumps around here at 400%.
And the news gets worse.
No.10 isn't going to do it for you.
There are at least a half dozen things an electricain has to consider before sizing wire.
The first one that comes to mind in your case is voltage drop.
I just did the math for you, and a 30 amp load at 220, 100 feet long, is 7.5 volts. That doesn't take into account the other wire to which your splicing on to. It also depends on your feeder size. Where the wire is being installed. What the nameplate data is. I also think welders are considered continuous loads. That means you have to multiply the load by 125%. It just goes on and on.
You really need a licensed guy.
(Unless you like to gamble.)
BTW, where you at?
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