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Got all my stuff together, and trundled off to the indoor range I belong to. I had my 1919 stuffed into a padded rifle case, and was only carrying a .30 cal can with one linked belt, my ear muffs, the crank handle, and a couple tools.

There was the normal pop pop pop on the pistol side. Lots of LEO's and some military folks honing their skills. My buddy asks what I'm shooting today, and I simply say.....three oh eight. Ok, rifle range one.

I ease to the very end and slip the big boy out of the case and onto the table. I block up the barrel with the padded gun case, and support the back on a 4X4 block of wood. I was careful to make sure the wood did not block the ejection pathway.

With some trepidation, I popped open the cover and laid a short belt of 5 rounds on the feed tray, and snapped it home. Tapping it with my palm to make sure it was tight.

A slight pause.....I can hear the continuous pop pop pop of the pistols. I take a breath, squeeze.....and "BOOOM". The gun leaps a little, a ball of flame from the Booster and my first round slams through the target into the backstop.

Wow.....this is KEWL..... BOOM BOOOM BOOOOM . Check to make sure the ejection way underneath is clear.... and BOOOM.


I open the cover, and check the gun. Everything looks really good. I pad the barrel a little higher just to give a little more clearance underneath. I have the handle for the OBS crank, but was not planning on trying it today. Oh, let's put it on anyways. So take out my little hex wrench and secure the handle to the left side.

I Open the cover, and this time lay a belt of 35 rounds on the tray. I make sure the stainless trunnion protector is in place.

Close the cover, adjust my "ears", and charge the beast. The Clunk of the bolt seating a round echos for a moment. It is amazing how loud everything is in an indoor range.

There are only two rifle lanes here, and they are all they way on the end. They are actually separated from the pistol range by a double door. There is, however a large double pane window that looks out on the pistol range.

Take a breath, actually aim at a target this time, Boom pause.....BOOM BOOM, pause......BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOOM BOOOM. YEAH....semi works REAL well.

Do I dare? Why not. Crank one......BOOOOM. then click. ooops...problem? hmmm....charge it again....then crank....BOOM....crank again....BOOOOM. a little faster BOOOM BOOOM.

Wow. FASTER....boom boom booom booom booom booom booom boooom boooom.

My blood is racing....I look up...and the window to the pistol range is full of faces. Mostly looks of awe and a :D few thumbs up.

I turn back, clear the ejection way....and let er rip. I"m amazed at the fireballs this thing throws. I dont' remember my M-60 when I was in the ARmy throwing fireballs like this thing.

The belt is almost finished. I look down....I have five rounds left. I hunker behind the rifle and actually take some slow aimed shots. I'm not really aiming. More like seeing if the sights work. They do.

I've been here 15 minutes and i'm out of ammo. The gun runs like a raped ape. Guys are coming in now wanting to know what the hell it is.

I'm grinning like the cheshire cat, and really dont' have much to say. This thing is awesome. This was just a test run. The gun isn't even parked yet. I simply set the head space to 1/8 go.

I'm going to need a lot more ammo.


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haha, I appreciate all the kind words. It was the good folks on this site that helped so much in this project.

It has been a long time getting this far. And yes....the middle photo could be ME.

I'm going to try and give back to the site a little of my experience and continue the great comaraderie we share. Kind of like a family in that we can argue and debate the pros and cons, but in the end we're all in this together.
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