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Class 3 questions

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After looking at my finances I think the first thing I can afford is a silencer. I know I need a letter of good standing from a LEO. Does he have to be local or can I use a sherriffs that I know that lives about 200 miles away? He lives in KS.
After that do I fill out the paperwork to send to BATFE?
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Cart before the horse...

Go find a silencer. Then if its online, find someone who will transfer it. They will set you up with all the paperwork and walk you through the process.
Yeah I guess things are a little different here. I never even saw the CLEO, never talked to him. I think it would be a lot easier to find someone to transfer it. I figured they would tell him if no one would sign and then he could go about some other route.

I bought a SBR, Machine gun and a suppressor before I knew my CLEO would sign.... and thats in MD, one of the most liberal states out there.

The easy way to figure this all out is go talk to someone at a gun store.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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