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Just recieved a case of Lake City .30-06 from the Civillian Marksmanship Program. As their widely circulated advertising states, this is .30 cal U.S. Army surplus delinked and repacked in 20 rd boxes, 12 boxes to a .30 cal ammo can x 4 cans.

My ammo has some traces of tarnish and few minor nicks on some rounds where links meshed with the brass. Otherwise, I find the ammo reliable and safe to use. So far I found mainly LC 68 and one LC 69 orange tipped.

Order online at the cmp website. You need to be a member of a CMP affiliated club to be able to participate with their program. Contact their Anniston, Alabama facility (CMP South - whom has the inventory) to get your online account set up.

Ammo is bright overall. And, yes, a magnet does stick to the copper clad bullet! :D :D :D

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Glad there don't seem to be that many 30.06er's, but now that the CMP cat is out of the bag :( , guess I'll get another pallet JIC before it gone:D Out off the 1000's of rounds of .06 I've bought, I only found 1 round that was dented. USGI is just the best!

They really do have some great gov surplus deals, and it's really not that bad a hassle to join. Just fax em a couple things.
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