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"CMP AT RENO, NV GUN SHOW 11-13 AUGUST 2006. CMP will be present at the
Reno show. We plan to bring with us a quantity of M1 Garand GK Field
Grades, GK Rack Grades, GK HRA Correct grades, and some Danish Rack
(Less Wood). We will also bring a variety of M1903 rifles. As for .22 cal,
we will bring some Remington 541X, H&R M12, and Kimber Model 82. We
will also bring two pallets of .30-06 ammunition. Current plans are to
actually sell the rifles and ammunition on site and allow customers to
take the rifles with them. Our ability to do this will depend on
Internet connectivity and access to NICS. If our systems do not operate
correctly from Reno, we will only reserve rifles and bring them back to
Anniston, pending receipt of customer mail orders.

To help expedite the process in Reno, we urge all who may be interested
in purchasing at the show to make sure that their CMP files are
current. If you are planning on purchasing a rifle at the Reno show, please
email [email protected] and ask us to verify that you will be able to
purchase at the show. Please use email and we will respond within 24
hours. We request you not call. If you have made a purchase from the CMP
since July 2003, your file will be current for everything except
possibly your club membership.

NLU 415-CN. Now available for mail order purchase. NLU 415-CN - Greek
.30-06 ammunition. HXP (Pyrkal) manufacture. Boxer primed. Packaged in
20 Rd. boxes, 12 boxes per spam can. 240 rounds per can. Price per
individual can $55.00. S&H is $8.95 per can. S&H to Alaska or Hawaii is
$19.95 per can.

NLU 405-CN. Lake City .30-06 ammunition will be available for purchase
on the ESTORE by 7 August, 2006. NLU 405-CN: Lake City Surplus .30-06
Caliber M2 Ball. Non-corrosive delinked M2 ball, 150 grain flat base,
lead core with metal jacket. The cases we have observed have all been
LC-62 to 72. This ammo is packaged 20 rounds per box, 12 boxes per .30
cal can (240 rounds). Price per individual can is $55.00. S&H is $8.95
per can. S&H to Alaska or Hawaii is $19.95 per can.

Store at Camp Perry will be open regular hours on 26 August and then will
close for inventory and equipment maintenance. Store will open again
for regular business on Wednesday, 6 September 2006.

will be closed 30 July - 15 August. Store will resume normal operations
on 16 August 2006.

Thank you for your support of the CMP.
Orest Michaels
Chief Operating Officer
Please do not reply to this email as you will not receive a response.
This email is a broadcast email generated by an automated system.
REMOVE/UPDATE EMAIL ADDRESS: To update your email address or remove your
name from our mailing list, please email [email protected]

Address: CMP. 1401 Commerce Blvd. Anniston, AL 36207.
Please note: In their efforts to curb SPAM, many ISPs, servers and SPAM
filters treat legitimate and legal bulk emails as SPAM. In order to
ensure you receive CMP emails, please adjust your SPAM settings to accept
bulk emails from the "odcmp.com" domains. Otherwise, there is a
possibility that our email alerts will not make it to your inbox."

Per email notice, Chester.
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