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Colt 1928 Aircraft Machine gun

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Serial# C-102043-A, .30-06 caliber. This has a 25 1/2" barrel including the recoil booster, the bore is dark with distinct rifling. The recoil booster has a reduced caliber with a muzzle i.d. of .23 caliber, likely for blanks, this can be easily be bored out for .30 caliber use. This gun is based on Browning's patent of Feb. 4, 1919. It has a pistol grip with bakelite grip panels, no sights, and a ventilated barrel jacket. The top of the barrel jacket is marked "1" with punch dots. The gun appears to be complete and in working order, only one small mounting bracket is missing from the right sideplate. There seems to be ample mounting brackets to adapt this to a pintle for a tripod. This was covered in black lacquer at some point, and where the lacquer is worn (principally on the barrel jacket) the metal retains most of a dull blue finish that is believed to be original. All of the factory markings are in excellent condition. This is fully transferable on a Form 3 or Form
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