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Colt 1928 Aircraft Machine gun

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This is offered over on subguns
Serial# C-102043-A, .30-06 caliber. This has a 25 1/2" barrel including the recoil booster, the bore is dark with distinct rifling. The recoil booster has a reduced caliber with a muzzle i.d. of .23 caliber, likely for blanks, this can be easily be bored out for .30 caliber use. This gun is based on Browning's patent of Feb. 4, 1919. It has a pistol grip with bakelite grip panels, no sights, and a ventilated barrel jacket. The top of the barrel jacket is marked "1" with punch dots. The gun appears to be complete and in working order, only one small mounting bracket is missing from the right sideplate. There seems to be ample mounting brackets to adapt this to a pintle for a tripod. This was covered in black lacquer at some point, and where the lacquer is worn (principally on the barrel jacket) the metal retains most of a dull blue finish that is believed to be original. All of the factory markings are in excellent condition. This is fully transferable on a Form 3 or Form
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Correct me if I'm wrong, don't the original 1928 weapons like yours have a internal captive recoil spring...??
I too would like to have an assisted ram system for full length sizing .50 BMG ammo. Your system appears to be pneumatic not hydraulic....or is it Air over hydraulic..??
Blah blah blah

YEAH YEAH YEAH.....SHOW OFF....Hahahahahahahaa.:D Very good detective work my friend. Its another case apparently where people arn't completely knowledgable about what they have.
In my defense I'd just like the bailiff to make note that.....
"I...Tirediron...only just made the original post saying...hey ya'll looky at this one"....I never made any claims as to what it was...or what it was trying to be". The Defense rests.......
I was curious though why lobo's 1928 has the 1919A4 recoil spring protruding through the rear cover...did they not include all the original parts in these kits....or did people just choose to make this alteration. I have part of a kit and someday will aquire the rest....and was wondering why the spring isn't captive to the right plate...??
Further More

Something else I have thought about over the last couple weeks while people here have been arguing about what something is and what something isn't.....and I'm right and your wrong....and "mine is correct"....or "Mine is MORE correct"...even though NONE of them are actually "correct"...or even "Machine Guns" anymore. 50 to 200 years from now....people are going to be finding.....discovering....locating in your grand kids attics....even digging up (due to our Governments decisions and rules made since) buried "Belt Fed Weapons" of every size, color, configuration....that all of us here have reassembled from "what we thought"...."what we had"..."What we thought it should be". Weapons with the strangest sideplate markings and serial numbers known to man. Enthusiusts of the time will be arguing.......
"Damn it ...Browning DID TO make semiautomatic machine guns cause I've seen one...I KNOW WHERE ONE IS...blah blah blah. I've seen one with a water jacket that was HALF the length of what they show in the great books!
I know they even made 1919A4 and 17A's that fed ammo from the right side!
They also made them in Calibers and Cartridges you would never imagine!
These Enthusiusts will have logically reasoning to back up every modification or change in configuration they come accross.
So Gentlemen...Ladies...take satisfaction that there will be no end to the HAVOK you are creating....the changes to history that will last EONS.
Thank God we have the correct examples and the documantation before us today to substanciate and argue about what we do today.
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