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DEMS want to add 550,000 more foreign workers

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US House reacts to 5-year unemployment high with vote this week for 550,000 more foreign workers

Be sure and thank your DEM led house

No sooner had the Labor Day speeches extolling American workers ceased than the leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives decided to bring up a bill this week to inflict 550,000 stab wounds onto those American workers.

That's right: A week after we hear that official unemployment is at a 5-year high, House leaders are going to try to move a bill to offer 550,000 MORE permanent greencards, above the 1 million immigrants already planned!

This is a red-alert crisis.

That means you and everybody you know needs to read about the emergency and look over the opportunities for action at:


just call up the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and call your Representative to see if he/she is aware of the insanity being considered over in the Judiciary Committee.

Here's another entry in the contest to find out whether many politicians are just stupid or are cynically evil:

THE CRISIS: The feds announced last week that our official unemployment rate has soared to 6.1%, the highest since September 2003.

THE CONGRESSIONAL RESPONSE: But this week, we get to see what ACTIONS the politicians plan for us. First out of the blocks, the Democratic Leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives is responding this week by trying to shove through a bill -- H.R. 5882 -- which would provide about 550,000 permanent green cards to foreign workers next year. And those would be ABOVE the 1 million permanent green cards already planned!
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Let's take a quick look at the employment statistics that don't seem to matter to Members of Congress who are pushing H.R. 5882:

The official unemployment rate soared 0.4 percentage point to 6.1%, the highest since September 2003. The unemployment rate was under 5% as recently as February.
342,000 jobs were simply eliminated throughout the economy last month.
And the number of people officially looking for work and unable to find it rose by 592,000.


There are so many Members of Congress who work primarily for the interests of the cheap-labor lobbyists, it is difficult to single out just one to be the face of all that is idiotic, cynical and callous about our immigration policies.

But Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) gets to be that face this week. She is chair of the House immigration subcommittee. She long has served on that committee, doing the bidding of the corporations in her Silicon Valley District.

But her decision to move H.R. 5882 through the Judiciary Committee is not just about getting more higher skilled foreign workers instead of hiring American tech workers.

No, this time she's bringing in foreign workers to take nearly every kind of job in America. The only criteria really is that you have a couple of years experience in the type of job you would be taking from an American worker. These 550,000 extra greencards would be for engineers, health workers, construction workers, service workers, manufacturing workers -- well, they would go to foreign workers who do all the kinds of jobs that have been disappearing!


Rep. Lofgren and other pushers of H.R. 5882 think they have come up with a really clever way to get around the general public opposition to immigration increases.

Their gimmick is "Recapturing Unused Employer-Sponsored Visas."

Every Member of the House Judiciary Committee should be phoned and told that 592,000 additional Americans were thrown onto the official unemployment rolls last month (and that doesn't count the millions already unemployed), and that the 550,000 jobs that H.R. 5882 would give to foreign workers ought to go to the unemployed Americans.

And please don't let the congressional staff tell you that these foreign workers are needed because unemployed Americans are looking for different kinds of jobs.

These 550,000 greencards would go to virtually every kind of foreign worker. And virtually every kind of American worker is losing jobs right now.
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