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Deprime die

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While out in the heat, my brain cells finally warmed up and here is a $0.25 solution to a semi-permanent deprime die. Get to an old time hardware store. Purchase two, be a big spender. 2" case hardened nails. These will be dark colored and probably have flutes and large head. Grind the tip off to a small, primer sized flat. Over a bench block or flat plate with hole in it, insert your new tool and deprime away== on the cheap and long lasting side of things.;) If you then have the Dillon swager tool, make certain it its set up for large rifle as it can be either way. Carbide is not necessary but if you do have it you MUST lube also. Redding makes a carbide neck expander button. $12. :):) best wishes, Overbore
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great idea!!!

i am sure that i will respond with my final solution in a few weeks when i decide on something.
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