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About 30 degrees :).

It makes no difference...the shear strength is in the diameter not the head angle and whether they are 60 or 90 degree makes no difference...they ain't pulling out of there or shearing off. Use the proper angle countersink for the rivet, but truth is, you can even use a 60 degree countersink with 90 degree rivets and these things are so soft, by the time you pound them with an air hammer they're gonna fill in and tighten up just fine. You can make rivets out of Home Depot rod stock if you want.

Before that sideplate could move to shear eleven 3/16" rivets you'd have to take out those two big 11/32" bad boys first...it ain't happenin'. The shear strength of each 3/16" rivet is about 540 pounds so the cumulative shear strength just for the small rivets is 5940 pounds...you could hoist my 4x4 Tahoe with those.

Your backplate only has about 1.875 square inches of engagement area and the aggregate sum of the rivet cross sectional shear area is 2.74 square inches...your backplate would tear out of it's slots long before you ever saw a rivet shear; and if that much catastrophic damage happened you probably wouldn't be around to worry about it anyway :).

Happy riveting.
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