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60 deg. is an old standard (after all, Browning used them in the early 20th century). Much of the rest of the world has moved on to 83, 90 and 100 deg. depending on application. The most common commercial rivet available today is 90 deg. which is why most of the large builders use them. BlackBear uses 60 deg. like the originals, but he has these custom made. I don't understand the hype about Mil-spec. Face it, any current ANSI, ISO, BS, or SAE spec. for solid steel rivets will be tougher than a WW-II (much less a WW-I) military specification. Mil-spec is going away, the military finally figured out they were paying more for materials that were inferior to commercial specs.

There was a thread a week or two ago from AA (?) selling 90 deg. sets. Also, both me and someone else are trying to put together 60 deg. sets to sell, but we're both over a month away. OOW also has 90 deg. sets.

Hope this helps...


Here's a link to the AA post:

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