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Dog the Bounty Hunter Busted

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That is an understatement. I would say 200% corruption!! With the drug dealers running towns such as Nuevo Laredo, it is a war zone on the border; killings going on daily!!!! Putting land mines out to stop the Mexican Army backed drug dealers and the MS-13 gang from getting in here would be the first step!!!!
Before any damn fool idiot would "extradite" me to Mexico, they would have to put me in a body bag!!!!
They showed on our local TV several years ago, the Federales driving stolen SUVs with the original Texas License plates!!!! The original owners here recognized their own stolen cars!!!!! What was done? Nothing!!!!

Actually, corruption IS 100% in Mexico. From the lowest street vendor to the top of the government, payola is what makes things happen.

We need a wall, not a fence...:mad:
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