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Don't forget to register your Red Ryder

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NRA News today,,, This is for real!!
City Seeks to License Owners of Red Ryder Rifles, Air Powered guns Posted on Monday, July 24 @ 23:09:37 EDT by jfbailey

WPCNR WHITE PLAINS LAW JOURNAL By John Bailey July 24, 2006: Carl Albanese shared with WPCNR readers earlier today his views he sent to the Common Council on the ordinance the Council will consider to license air powered rifles and pistols in the city, which are sold in Wal-Mart, and The Sports Authority (where teens where eagerly examining them last week when WPCNR was browsing that store.)

Albanese points out in the following letter and photograph these instruments which would require licensing by the city of White Plains and a background check.

WPCNR checked with the Mayor's Office, which through its spokesperson David Maloney, denied this had anything to do with any air pistol incident involving the Mayor's car, but Maloney did not know if another public official had suffered an incident involving their vehicle being damaged by an air pistol being used to shoot out the windows, as rumored. WPCNR asked Mr. Maloney for a statement as to the reasons for the air pistol, air gun licensing law today, and as night fell Monday evening, the Mayor's office has not issued an explanation for why suddenly the city is getting into the gun control legislation business. Asked if there had been a number of air pistol robberies or incidents, city hall did not comment.

City Hall Seeks to License Ownership of these Air Pistols and Air Rifles, including the 70 year old classic, the Red Ryder BB Gun. Photo, Courtesy Carl Albanese.

Mr. Albanese, a certified firearms instructor, elaborates on the photograh he has sent showing guns to be "licensed" by the new city air gun registration procedure:

"This a photo of air guns, spring, air and gas firing instruments purchased at Walmart in White Plains today, some are my own for training purposes for children and adults, on gun safety and ownership.

These are a small variety and percentage of toy guns and air guns that will fall under the licensing code, including paintball guns.

The NYS penal code for air guns is Law # 265.05 it states: No one under the age of 16 years old can buy an air gun or air rifle in NYS. It does not mean that one cannot possess or use one, or requires a license to do so in NYS.

Any person under 16 years old is permitted to use and own one under adult supervision."
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Oh man....
What a wing nut! How bout rocks next :confused:
iRIGHTi said:
Oh man....
What a wing nut! How bout rocks next :confused:
SHHHHHHHHH Don't give them any ideas!
Maybe they should require all airguns be manufactured so that every pellet or BB fired is marked with a unique serial number that can be traced back to the airgun and, thence, to the owner. Of course this requires that all airgun owners and their weapons be registered.

Or maybe the best idea of all is to register the genitalia of all politicians and neuter them so that this abominal breed does not reproduce itself.... :rolleyes:

Imagine Nancy Pelosi SPAYED!! :D
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