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Hey all,
I am selling one of my FALs, it is a DSA STG58A FACTORY BUILT (not a frankenfal), the exact same as what you see here: http://www.dsarms.com/item-detail.cfm?ID=STG58STD&storeid=1&image=AusFALR.gif, but I have added a sling.
It comes with everything in the pics, and I will throw in 2 more 20rd new looking (I have never used them and they are pristine, but I can't honestly just throw the word new out) mags for a total of 4 20rd and 1 30rd mags. In addition to the book in the pic I will add an FN FAL "Do Everything" manual I have.
I didn't sight it in, as I only had the chance to run ~100rds through it and bore brush it, but it was on the paper at 100yd out of the box. The last 40rds through it were frangibles on a 25yd max indoor range. As you can see, it has some very minor brass kisses on the topcover and reciever. Other than that, the inside of the MB has a spot on it (no pic, sorry) that I only found when inspecting the bore. FYI, the spots on the carry handle are cosmoline.
Email me if you are interested, these are great guns, but I am still paying for floods and I can't justify having twins of anything anymore. Price is $900 including shipping, this is FIRM and a very good price for something to share your .308 ammo stash with.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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