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Not sure if this is the best place to post this but last year I stumbled onto this on Ebay. The pictures were only four of them on the listing an it was obvious something was very bizzar and looked modified. But heck it was also interesting, I had been looking for the this Armorer's Tool Roll for about a year with no luck. I was just searching using the US canvas WW2 tool roll and looking though the hits. This time I entered the cage code and got this one listing.
I dont know all the history behind it, but Russ did thankfully send me some info about it several months before. I think it was mentioned that it was not specific only to the 1919a4 but I need to go back and review the info.

I had dug it out and took some picks. I'm mixed what to do with it. Keep it as a curiosity, I like the idea. Or try and cut the stitching to separate and restore it best I can. Best I can tell they stitched part of the 60mm morter/ammunition carrying vest to the front. Although it looks off it is well stitched. There is also an ammo can carrying vest I remember maybe similar. I doubt it was theater made, most likely a soldiers son was lugging it to grade school.
Have fun looking, and taking opinions on what I should do with it.

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