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EBAY's lousy Consumer Protection Policy

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Just as the old saying goes: Caveat Emptor.

Thankfully the item, a set of Dirty Harry DVD's is only $52.07 postpaid. After 60 days non performance, Ebay offers me a paltry $14.00 to settle the claim, provided I rescind all my rights of recourse against Ebay or The Seller. After spending an hour today online with a Customer Service Representative at Ebay (real good at copying/pasting Ebay policy) I asked for the Manager, and got an email address to which the following was sent:

"Be advised I do not accept Ebay's dispute consoles
standard resolution. I spent US$52.07 including
postage paid and deposited by your registered seller
xxxxx xxxxx Trail, NC 28079, and also in
the State of Florida.

I do not accept the Ebay resolution refund of some
$14.00 and change. Any fees should be directed to the
Seller's account, the party that did not perform the
terms of the contract. Why should I be penalized under
the terms of so called Ebay Policy?

Mxxxx Mxxx does a high volume of trading. It would
appear that Ebay is protecting an esteemed power
seller with over 283,454 transactions. However, in the
last 12 months there are over 4,972 negative
feedbacks. I just placed another negative feedback
today, just one of 223 alone in the last 30 days. Most
of those feedbacks reflect non performance by Mxxxx

It seems to me that Mxxxx Mxxx is a real liability for
Ebay. Why would you want to continue doing business
with a company that falsely accuses your better
customers with non payment stike slander? I asked them
repeatedly to check their accounts receivables. I have
written proof from the U.S. Post Office that they
deposited my money. Why can't Mxxxx Mxxx behave
responsibly and honor this transaction?

Why does Ebay allow Mxxxx Mxxx (a/k/a Mxxxx Mxxx) to
continue trading?

I won't consider doing more business on Ebay until I
recieve my Items or my money, including postage, is
refunded. My personal policy is now to close all old
business. If these matters are not honored, I will
close my account without surrendering my rights under
applicable State and Federal law.

90 day's lapse and Ebay's Policy does not allow for my
claim to continue under Ebay's so-called policy as
rescinded by default; be advised I do not waive my
rights under State and Federal Law for any reasonable
period of time. You might want your legal consul to
consider my rights under 18 USC and all other
applicable state and federal statutes and laws that
are already in place to protect the consumer.

Your policy department should consider mitigating this
problem properly."

F&c# Ebay!
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eBay is in business to make money, not make you happy. It will support whichever person in a dispute will have the greatest economic impact on eBay's earning potential. If they can continue to make money on the guy you complained about, and are not in danger of losing money due to your complaint - you're out of luck.

If any part of your transaction was handled through U.S. Postal Service, go to them for help. Postal fraud is a serious charge.
I agree, get the feds on both the seller's and e-Bay's cases. Since you obviously used the Postal Service for this transaction, I think they have jurisdiction. Mail Fraud may indeed apply.
And don't think ebay cares one split second over losing you. They have a few million to replace you. Sad isn't it?
postal fraud is a very serious FEDRAL crime can you spell FEDRAL FELONY besides postal inspectors are authorised to carry machine guns
i would say go for it
can you spell FEDRAL FELONY
Nlow that is plain funny. :D
...multiple federal felonies

Chet....I wholeheartedly agree the way to go is thru the USPS. I had a seller in St. Louis stiff me for over $395. Got his phone # and told him in no uncertain terms....my money back or the item in three (3) days or else. Also told him not to mess with a retired GI,ex-cop,gun dealer who can travel the 300+ miles to St.Louis and GET my money back. Didn't fase the guy. Went thru the USPS Inspector,had the money back in less than two (2) weeks and the guy was begging me to call off the Feds. He almost went to prison,I later learned, as I was not the only one to sic the USPS on him. Go for it....
Yeah, Fedral Frelonie!

:eek: Get the feds, beavis! Yeah !!! Sounds Like a plan. Fredal. Fedral. Whatever. Uhuhh huh huh huh huh !!!:eek: :eek: :eek:
e-bay will generally not take action against a big earner no matter how he/she behaves. I went to them once with a complaint about a seller who had, I swear to God, nearly 300 negatives in the previous year. He did so much business that he still had a 98% rating, which is why I did not look into his feedback more carefully. Lesson learned. He had a pattern of taking money and not sending the item, or sending an item that was junk, though described as perfect. I left negative feedback (he sold the same item to me and another buyer) and he immediately left a negative for me in retaliation, even though I had done nothing.

That's another thing to keep in mind. e-Bay will not remove a negative no matter what the circumstances. Even if you have been ass-raped by someone, don't give them negative feedback unless you want negative feedback in return. The bottom line is that e-Bay will not burn one calorie over your complaint beyond sending you regulations designed to allow them to continue to do nothing. Which brings up an unpleasant truth- because very few e-Bay users will leave a negative for fear to retaliation, the rating system is almost useless. Once again, e-Bay has found a way to keep everyone pretending that all is fine so they don't have to deal with anything.

Even when e-Bay offers a remedy it is intended to be so small and so much trouble for you that you just won't bother. Mind you they have plenty of time to scour the auctions looking for the tiniest transgressions against their tender anti-gun sensibilities, but they will seldom take a seller to task no matter how unethical the treatment of buyers.

To e-Bay's credit they did finally kick the seller off with the countless negatives, but not before he had stolen for years from hundreds of buyers, and I don't doubt the seller was back the next day under a different name.

Thankfully most of the folks on e-Bay are honest and a pleasure to do business with. My experiences run from satisfactory to excellent, and I have rarely been disappointed. If I do run into a bad seller again, I have learned to make an attempt to solve the problem with the seller then, whatever the outcome, move on. It isn't fair, but it's what it is, and the less time spent trying to get e-Bay to step up (which it almost never will) the better.
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But remember boys, E-bay has worked very hard to keep us all safe from the selling of evil gun parts;) Hotchkiss
If you use a credit card file a complaint with your bank.
I've heard of people filing a report with their local LEO's who in turn will contact the offending individuals local LEO's and charge them with theft by deception or just theft in general, speaking of which. The Attorney General in ebay's neck of the woods has been know to be contacted about ebay's questionable business practices, remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Gone Postal...

...with my complaint, that is.

The Fedral Guberment has a nice online form the Post Office uses to file complaints. My only concern with it is it did not give me a reference number nor email confirmation, which leaves me wondering whether or not their server took it in...:confused:
I do not do business with ebay. I do not do business with paypal.

They hate guns and they suck. Simple as that. :mad:

Take your money and go elsewhere.

I hope the USPS eats that ******* alive.
If you do business on ebay, be aware that there are a bunch of pitfalls for the consumer that ebay knows about and still do nothing about. Recently I bid a piece of equipment up to $800 before I pulled out of the bidding. Ultimately the high bid was $1108. The following day I received an email indicating that the high bidder was unable to fulfill his/her obligation for payment. I the 2 hours it took me to get to my wife and ask her is she still wanted it (it was a soft-serve machine for our church kitchen). I received another email from still another person (same item number, etc) offering me the same deal. About 30 minutes later, same deal from still a third party (same item number etc) All had instructions for paying on Pay-Pal which differed by who was getting the money. Just beware that as soon as someone sets up a good system, there are wolves who will come and fleece the sheep. Ultimately your only recourse my be filing a complaint with VISA if you paid that way. That has worked for us in the past.
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Who is Mxxxx Mxxx? " Why does Ebay allow Mxxxx Mxxx (a/k/a Mxxxx Mxxx) to
continue trading?"
Movie Mars (a/k/a Movie Marz)

boss429 said:
Who is Mxxxx Mxxx? " Why does Ebay allow Mxxxx Mxxx (a/k/a Mxxxx Mxxx) to
continue trading?"
Movie Mars
Ebay really sucks,,,I do not use it now,,I sold a few small items,,then I kept getting "an overseas attempt was made to my pay pal account",,,I never got a answer after several attempts so I closed it,,,takes 6 months to close it out. I would rather sell on this site or G503. I had 1 jerk tried to stiff my sons xmas gift, a gas scooter,,took 7 months and i got the PD in Flordia involved,,My son got his scooter almost in time for the following xmas. Be very carefull with big $$ items. If you use charge card you can dispute it.
tommygunner06 said:
Ebay really sucks,,,I do not use it now,,I sold a few small items,,then I kept getting "an overseas attempt was made to my pay pal account",,,I never got a answer after several attempts so I closed it...
The "overseas attempt" messages are scam messages that do not originate from eBay. They are sent by people who hope you will use the link they provide in those messages to contact them. If you use that link, it goes to a phony eBay page, and when you try to log in you are in reality sending your login name and password to the scammers. They can then do business on ebay in your name - buying things that will be charged to you, selling phony goods in your name. If you tried to cancel your account through the link they provided, you can bet they will not close your account. In fact, once you have provided the login and password, they can block your attempts to fix the problem. The scammers send messages like that to tons of people, not just people who have eBay accounts. Obviously people who do not have accounts won't be able to give them login and password info, but people new to eBay get suckered by these messages.
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