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Enfield 2a

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I just got my enfield and it is coved in a black paint, What is the best way to clean this stuff off my gun!
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I completely took mine apart and sprayed all of the metal parts down with easy off oven cleaner. Then let it soak for a while the paint came right off with a nylon brush.
Actually the Enfield 2a is a more modern enfield made in the early sixties built in india in 7.62 nato it looks like a smle no1. mark III. The paint would have been the orginal finish, but if yours is like mine there is hardly any of it left or what is left is peeling off. If you are trying to get it back to it's former glory duracoat would be the way to go but if you want a parked one here is a link to some pictures of a parkerized 2A

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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