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Hi gang, I recently made a long shroud Sten tube kit and wanted to throw it over here in case anyone might be interested.

I made one to cover the anteater nose look and got some good complements on it so I figured I'd make it in to a kit form at a reasonable price.

Here are a few pictures of my second one that I made (I had not put a finish on it yet).

More info can be found here:
TbcSEOD SLS (Sten, Long Shroud) Kit

And yes, it is made to be 100% compatable with SASIII internals.

Any questions please PM me here or at the Weapons Guild.



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Additional info:

I am introducing the following "SLS" design Sten kit. I personally do not like anteater guns - never have and likely never will - in my search for someway to make the "Ugly little tube gun" a bit more appealing I have put together a kit and am offering them for sale for others like me who don't like the anteater look.

Completely compatible with SASIII internals (bought separately)

This kit will make your final barrel length aprx 16.5 inches and "hide" the anteater nose!

Requires very little extra work compared to assembling a "standard" Sten!

These kits will also work with the Prexis 16" barrel (extension in kit not used in this case)

The Basic SLS (Sten, Long Shroud) kit consists of:
(1) SLS tube with internal machining completed (Includes bonded template)
(1) Barrel extension tube
(1) Custom front Bushing
(18) British WWII period correct rivets (15 are needed and 3 extras supplied)
You can machine your origonal trunnions (from your Sten parts kit) or:

A.I will Machine your origonal trunnions: add $10.00 (Requires you to ship origonal trunnions to me and they will be returned with the kit)
B.I will fabricate custom rear and middle trunnion/bushings: $30 extra (Used instead of your modified originals parts)

Price Options:
Basic kit: $80.00 (This option requires you to machine your own origonal trunnions)

Basic kit with me machining your origonal trunnions (You will need to ship them to me with payment for the kit and they will be returned with the kit): $90.00

Basic kit with custom trunnions/bushings: $110.00

Prices are including shipping, insurance is an additional $5.00

As always, Military (Active, reserve, guard, retired and DAV) receive a $10.00 discount (you will need to send me a photo copy of your ID with your order - this copy will not be kept on file and will either be sent back with your purchase or destroyed in my fire place


Also here is a build tutorial I did on making the SLS kit - not any harder than doing a regular Sten and probability faster than using a 2 piece tube that has to be welded together after inserting the trunnion.
SLS Build Tutorial
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