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F/S Winchester Mod 94 30-30 ***SOLD***

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I have a winchester Mod 94 30-30 it has only had about 15 Rd thru it to sight it in it has been sitting in the back of my safe for a few years now its time to find it a new home I would rate it 97 out of 100 I got it in 2004/2005 Its a angle eject with the receiver safety
325.00 OBO shipped
Paypal Or Money Order

Thanks Jim

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Well since Alamo has become Rorys Twin brother on the board;) can you post a picture... :D

If this is crap I LIKE CRAP lol.... well the great thing is that I will get to shoot it (hopefully lol) hey if we get it by this up coming weekend we cantake it to henrys and see how it shoots. I want to get henry repeater in 44 mag or something like that and a 45-70... alamo just let me know where your sending it incase it goes to the shop I can take care of it;)
1 - 2 of 18 Posts