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FA Winchester M1 Carbine

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Have access to a very special M1 carbine...5757xxx...fully transferable with all papers. Apparently never been used with M2 parts and papers dated Jun 1984 with FA stamp. Trouble is....don't know what it's worth. Have heard amounts of $7K-$15K and has been checked and verified as an original Winchester. Anyone have an idea of current values...?
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Is it a true M2 original C&R or one that was made up by Springfield armory and "stamped" ? back in those good old days, the Reese Bros. were buying M1s and registering them as M2s, and creating a transferable M2 - in the case of the Winchesters they were over stamping them just like the originals. As we live in a C&R only state here, "C&R" is a big deal. I had several guys fall not the trap of buying the guns and not understanding the rules. the guns would transfer to me just fine asan SOT, but would fail to clear the C&R hurdle. there were also a batch of M1s converted by the Minneapolis PD in the mid 60s and amnesty registered in 68 for "riot use". these were eventually sold off to officers, and have been migrating around the state. they are generally not originals but do pop up as C&R amnesty guns.

all that said, assuming it is an original WIN M2, in decent condition, the last one I saw sell at auction was around $14k. I have one here in superb original shape. I would not sell it for $14k. It is one f these - there is an Inland M2 as well.

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Hi Len - sounds like a registered M1 that would then have the parts installed just like the Govt did to all their conversions. gun is a transferable M2 for all intents and purposes then, probably C&R but not an original WIN m2 as comes from the factory. with the paperwork and "story" it is probably worth more to a collector than a Springfield armory type gun, but still pretty much in the $6k-8k range. Mags and parts are almost still dirt cheap, and the 7 parts needed for the M2 operating system are fairly easy to find - heck watch ebay !
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