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FA Winchester M1 Carbine

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Have access to a very special M1 carbine...5757xxx...fully transferable with all papers. Apparently never been used with M2 parts and papers dated Jun 1984 with FA stamp. Trouble is....don't know what it's worth. Have heard amounts of $7K-$15K and has been checked and verified as an original Winchester. Anyone have an idea of current values...?
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If it is a later over stamped gun and not a C&R gun I bought one like that 3 years ago for $4500. When I bought my gun I was seeing people asking $7500 for them. There is definitely a difference between ask and get. Would I sell my gun for $10,000 now, no probably not as it is one of my babies, but that doesn't mean it is worth that much either. At the end of the day any gun is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

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