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FA Winchester M1 Carbine

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Have access to a very special M1 carbine...5757xxx...fully transferable with all papers. Apparently never been used with M2 parts and papers dated Jun 1984 with FA stamp. Trouble is....don't know what it's worth. Have heard amounts of $7K-$15K and has been checked and verified as an original Winchester. Anyone have an idea of current values...?
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...a bit more

Just a bit more info. Gun is privately owned and had been since Korean war as a 'bring-back' as a regular M1 carbine. Gentleman applied for and got the NFA approval as a private individual,so gun is fully transferable... according to several class 3's. Only part not original is the Rockola wood. Gun also comes with several 15 and 30-rd mags,100-rds original .30 carb steel case (Evansville Arsenal) ammo on original stripper clips and sling. Owner cannot find any of the necessary parts to make it FA...bolt,switch,etc. Soooo.....does this change the estimated value any...?
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