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Where have a I heard the phrase "BLAME CANADA?"

I have a friend who was walking back to his home in the USA across a frozen lake after grocery shopping in Canada.
He spotted the reflection off of binoculars coming from the US shore line.
Short time later a "side by side" came out across the ice and went to another couple carrying a liquor box!
My friend kept going and didn't see the outcome of that.
I guess the US Gov't is serious about collecting that import duty from liquor!

Long ago on another forum a news story was shared of an American (living in Oregon) who had advertised a PPsH-41 lower for sale.
Arranged and met a gent in a parking lot who purchased the lower.
The buyer was arrested going back into Canada.
Apparently their correspondence had been monitored and so the seller just had to make a statement as they knew he had no idea the buyer was from Canada and was going to smuggle the item across the border.

Does anyone remember the prosecution of Ron Peterson?
The ATF accused him of bringing guns across the Canadien border (thru a public library that spans the border)
Mr. Peterson ran an import business in New Mexico and ATF was also after him for not import marking the guns.
A long drawn out affair that the Judge eventually threw out because of the conduct of the lead ATF agent involved.

Seems like lots going on both sides of that border.

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