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Fall out from Heller is already working!!

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They're starting to drop, without a fight.
(Wilmette is a Chicago suburb.)


Wilmette Suspends Local Handgun Ban

2:47 pm CDT June 27, 2008

WILMETTE, Ill. -- Wilmette has suspended enforcement of its 19-year-old ordinance banning handgun possession in the wake of a US Supreme Court decision that appears to invalidate such bans.

In a 5-4 decision, the court struck down Washington, D.C.'s ban on handguns, a prohibition similar to those used in several major cities, including Chicago, and a handful of suburbs including Wilmette, Evanston, Winnetka and Oak Park.

"The Law Department and the Police Department have suspended enforcement of the ordinance pending further review by the Village Board," Wilmette village attorney Time Frenzer said Thursday. "Based on the decision today, at a minimum it calls into serious question the continued viability of the ordinance."

Frenzer said questions remain about how directly the court's decision will impact local gun laws in Wilmette and other parts of the country. Washington is not a state, and each state has its own legal language governing the right to bear arms.

"That aside, the opinion will require further review and discussion by the Village Board, but it's prudent at this point to suspend enforcement of it," Frenzer said.

Wilmette's law, enacted in 1989, levied fines of up to $750 for handgun possession and allowed the village to seek a judge's order to have seized weapons destroyed.

Frenzer said he did not know exactly how many times the law has been invoked, but said its use is rare.

The last case he recalls involved a 2003 incident in which a resident, Hale DeMar, was cited after using a handgun to shoot and wound a burglar in his home. The case mobilized state gun right groups and led to the passage of a law that gave gun owners a defense to local prohibitions if the weapon was used in self-defense.

Wilmette's charges against DeMar were eventually dropped. He could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Wilmette Police Chief George Carpenter declined to comment on the high court's ruling, saying he had not yet had a chance to read the decision or review it with village staff.

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Depending on where she stuck it, she might love it. :p

Hey,, three holes,, no waiting! She'd just be doing to herself what she's been doing to the public for years!!!
It seems like the leadership is never a rank and file member, just politcal opprotunists. Also , I didn't think the ruling was gun specific.
It will take a lot more lawsuits and a lot more $$$ to clear the mess up that these sob's have created. They need to face the music that their power over the common man is evaporating right before their very eyes.
court ruling

A couple things I have been wondering since the ruling was handed down. Do all those people that have been convicted and imprisoned or fined get restitution since the law was unconstitutional, and will this ruling also work against LEOs that won't allow people to have a NFA weapon? I hope to see a lot more law suits filed against these types now!
The problem here is the Liberals play on wording , Jefferson warned the Founders about this .Its called Legal speak ,and how many times have you ever read something from a lawyer presented in Court and say WTF ???
Its like reading some BS proclamation from a King.
Jefferson wanted it worded very direct ,and in a language any common man could understand , and no Future Court could dispute.
The way they spoke back then was different ,but not to this extreme.
The Founders lighten it up a little ,but they still wanted it to sound credible.
An example of this used sometimes is the abortion issue .
What helped win that case was the wording in the Declaration of Independence ,and the Bill of rights.
These words were twisted around to state that a fetus until born wasn't subject to these rights.
And only the mother had any rights. Liberals will do the same here ,The largest Law University's in the World hatch these creatures like Clones.
And they know legal Speak. I bet 96% of Congress are lawyers.
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Anyone else notice that MPDC's chief basically limited registration to Revolvers in her Memo??? Oh and for the record, "Cops" generally dont ever get to be Chiefs. Politicians in Uniform get to be Chiefs.. "Cops" usually go no higher than Sgt or Lt in most departments.
My old Lawyer was one of the few honest ones out there.
She told me that the Liberal University's no longer teach Law in its connection to the Constitution .
The Liberal Professors now teach Law on how to get around the Constitution.
And she said the holy grail to these people is when one of them actually defeats the Constitution , poking enough holes in it that it becomes useless as anything meaningful.
They truly do believe it is an out dated Document responsible for most of the problems this Country has ever had.
It offers a false hope to the masses ,as to the reality of a true society.
She said even if she didn't agree ,she had to act like she did ,or fail.
Any paper she turned in that didn't go by this philosophy was given an F.
Now we wonder why our leaders lie ,cheat ,and want to take your rights.
And most of what we see in Washington today ,had its start right here.
Now they are moving it into Lower Schools ,and into the general Public.
Proof is ,how could anyone with a Brain Vote for Obama ?
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I had a question and thought on all this...
First question isnt a revolver semiautomatic? its not like it doesnt load after the press of the trigger??


I was reading through the constitution and thought that this case is kind like when the 13 amendment was created and then the 14 and lastly the 15ths... They will always try to come up with something and not until more court case etc come up will it be final... I say we drown the court with gun cases really fast and get this show on the road...
First question isnt a revolver semiautomatic? its not like it doesnt load after the press of the trigger??
No, a revolver isn't semiautomatic. Single action revolvers will only fire the cartridge currently in place and will not advance on the pull of a trigger. Double actions will advance the cylinder to the next cartridge on the pull of the trigger. But what defines semiauto is not that the gun loads on pulling the trigger, but that the firing of one cartridge loads the next. This does not happen with a revolver. In a revolver, it's still a manual action that puts the next cartridge in place, whether it's pulling the trigger or cocking the hammer.
;);););) ahh thanks for letting me know...
Actually, wasn't there one kind of obscure version of the British Webley that was a semiautomatic revolver? Wouldn't that piss'em off good! :p
Actually, wasn't there one kind of obscure version of the British Webley that was a semiautomatic revolver? Wouldn't that piss'em off good! :p
I believe you are correct - wish I could name the model.

Give em time. They are hurting, desperate, and in denial. It will take time for reality to set in. This will get settled sooner or later. Trying to subvert the ruling by calling handguns MGs should not fly. If it does, the whole case was for nothing.

I am enjoying the show myself. It will probably get better before they settle down. Keep an eye on Richy Daley (Chicago mayor).... he will be having a cow.
Wasn't there was a semi-auto revolver called the "Mateba" as well? ;)
BR ,
yes south african made then there is the much older .455 Webley-Fosbery zig zag auto revolver
BR ,
then there is the much older .455 Webley-Fosbery zig zag auto revolver
Thank you; THAT'S the one I was trying to think of... :cool:

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