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Feeding question

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When I load 7.62 on links into the trunion, the rounds are pretty tight against the front cartridge stop and the bolt. Can I grind some on the front cartridge stop top make more room?

During firing the part of the topcover that pushes the rounds into the weapon was sticking in the outward position, that is I could see it sticcking out the left side of the topcover when looking from the shooting position. I think the feed lever was jumping out of the slot too.

I changed topcovers with one I had from an Angola Armory kit (BTW, a VERY nice kit!!) which seems to have less play in it. I hope this fixes the problem.

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The rounds should fit the feedway with very little front to back movement, if they are tight, check you headspace. When you insert a single round, does the bolt move back slightly? If so, then move out one click. Thanks for the plug, BTW!
I changed the front cart. stop with one from your kit and it fixed the problem!

I'm getting closer to beltfed happiness little by little.

I'm getting closer!

After constructing my own trigger return spring, resetting the adjustments on the crankfire unit, and changing the front cart. stop, I have achieved reliable feeding and a better rof!:D It's not quite where I want it, but I'm working on it.

The very best part about it all was seeing my Dad's face when he turned the crank! He turned 70 last week, and served in the Army in the early 50s. He said he didn't remember the 1919 too well, as he was in the Signal Corps. Anyway the smile on his face was priceless! Of course he had to ask "Is this legal?" "How much was it?" etc.

He has had 4 bypasses in the last 15 years, and is a survivor of Colon Cancer too. I try to attend as many MG shoots and other shooting events as I can with him.

I built him a milspec 1911 .45 a few months back, and about 2 years ago I got him a collector grade M1 Garand. I would love to present him with a 1919 too. It makes him happy as can be, and it makes my tree-hugging mother freak out!:eek:

Life is good.

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:D Balming,

Like I tell everyone, You''l know alot more 3000rds from now:D

I had to laugh. When I took my Dad down to the range to try out a simple crank I rigged up about 5 yrs ago the first thing out of his mouth was " I thought you said it wasn't Full Auto !!!!!!":D ...He'll be 86 this year. As far as he's concerned the only gun platform worth haveing was the P 51's he flew:D ..

I got him a U.S.&S. 45 a while back. Thats what they issued him over sea's...Lou
I just got my 1919, and EVERYONE's first question upon seeing it or just hearing about it has been "Is that thing legal?"

Of course it is! It doesn't have a bayonet lug!;)
Sharing that with your dad makes it all worth while. Good job!
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