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FFL bound book program

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Hey guys my friend is a FFL holder and his old computer program is in DOS, I know there is a windows based program that is ATF aprroved. Any one know who sells it? TIA-blkbd
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There really isn't "ATF approved" software per se as the agency does not endorse commercial products. If he is looking to replace the book, he needs an approved variance. If he wants to supplement his book, he can use anything. Most systems that will pass muster are not cheap. He should be able to call the closest ATF office and get the criteria. See 27 CFR 478.22 "Alternate Methods & Procedures".
That is true - you do have to submit it to an ATF agent or office for approval before changing over to or utilizing the software. Personally I like the paper ones - computers are to unreliable for me :eek:
You got it - one requirement is an independent backup so a crash doesn't = no records. :eek:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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