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FINALLY got my electricity back!

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Well, the storms in St. Louis has caused one CRAP week... Two freezers and a refrigerator of food are now rotting trash, no A/C, Trees all over the place, and now, 18 hours later, STILL not liking the way the neighborhood looks, let alone the house.

For all you Pole-climbers, THANK YOU for what you do. Some will ***** and moan when their lights don't work because they don't know you work 18 hour days, and work in a dangerous environment to restore that utility. Your work IS appreciated!
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Here in the Memphis area, we went through the same thing exactly three years ago. We came up with a catchy name, "Hurricane Elvis".
I discovered a sure fire way to guaranty the power will never go out for an extended period of time.
I installed a transfer switch that mates to the generator. It has 6 circuits, enough for heat, refridgeration and lights. Haven't had to use it yet:rolleyes:
Sure as **** if I were to disconnect the thing and sell it... well you know.
We were lucky in Ballwin. Our power didn't go out at all:eek: My mom and brothers all live in north county. Moms power didn't come back until 9:30 A.M. yeasterday! Amazingly she was able to save the stuff in her freezers. They say that if a freezer is full it will stay cold longer. I guess there's something to be said for stocking up on food! She is there by herself and has enough food to feed a family of 10! Spent a good part of the day on Sunday cleaning up her yard. Lost a decent size Silver Maple to the storm....could have been worse. Heard today a long time Ameron U.E. employee was electrocuted when he touched an energized wire in some thick brush....too damn dangerous work for me! Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
Steve S
Does anyone have any idea is a 6,000 continuouse watts generator will run a whole house air condititioner -- wouldn't want to heat my ammo up too much?
Mine was out here from Friday morning till Monday morning at 10:00. I met with the UE guys on Sunday and they looked like they had been through HELL!! I to have nothing but good things to say of them!! OT just isn't worth the money sometimes. The bad part is there are LOTS of "people" bitching about them. But then again they are not doing 16 hour days in this heat!!:eek:
Electrical parts

Hey never thought I would post this on a gun board.
But when I come to think about it what better place.
These are my brothers.
I think we should have a section on the boards for people in need during a crisis.
I'm an electrical contractor in Calif.
I come across loads of stuff that I remove when I upgrade a service or do a remodel.
I would like to see it go to a good home.
I normally end up chucking it. I hold onto stuff for a long time and then get tired of moving it around.
I wanted to reach out during the Katrina crisis but I don't trust most of the big name groups to much political BS.

We should find away for the gun community to help out during a crisis.
I'm sure there will always be the imposter that just wants something for nothing but a fellow board member would be a safe bet.

I'll try and do what I can.
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GWR1 said:
Does anyone have any idea is a 6,000 continuouse watts generator will run a whole house air condititioner -- wouldn't want to heat my ammo up too much?

To figure it out, take the number of amps pulled by the compressor unit and multiply by the voltage (probably 220v). Do the same for the fan on the evaporator unit. That will be your "continuous" load.

Then, double it (that will be the start up surge wattage) for the "maximum".

I have a 5000 watt gen and run my tv ,lights ,frig, freezer and ac uint.
ya pansies try 4 weeks with out power in aug of 04 in the after math of charlie then 2 more hurricanes and you couldn`t get in or out of the area for 2 weeks due to the main roads being blocked N-S and a month and a half for the roads E-W now do you think being a "survivalist nutcase" is foolish:p
I know pole climbers by me (NE Illinois) and they usually work 60-80 work weeks! These guys deserve every penny they make!
After our hurricane season we probably had all your pole climbers down here...thx for the loan.
That is what they do. They send people to where ever they are needed so the ones left home are always short handed plus for some reason the power companies never hire enough people they would rather pay the OT! Figure that one out.
WAH WAH WAH, my name is DAVE and my elctricity is out, someone, anyone feel sorry for me. LOL

I didnt know you got hit up there dave, glad it wasnt any worse. i know the storm was bad but wasnt aware it hit ILL. i watched it as it was hittin St Louis while i was outside, to the east of me the sky was GREEN and the wind was pretty ferocious, so i sat out there watchin it. Didnt know yall got hit bad till the next day on the news. I hope all you guys come out of it allright, i heard about BA having to wheel his deep freeze across the street to the neighbors that have electricity, but hes not a fool, he had a cooler full of beer! The guys that work for the electric companys sound like they got a workout! I see now the inner city folks whinnin that they are being left without electricity for too long and complainin. Also heard the electric co got on the news and said they would have had it fixed sooner if they would quit stealin the wire off the co trucks when they come out to fix it. Figures. Next they will be wanting their $2,000 credit cards from the GOVT like in new orleans.
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